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It is an unfortunate fact that most applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits result in a denial. However, this does not mean that your case needs to come to an end. Every applicant retains the right to submit an appeal to the Social Security office. As long as an applicant requests an appeal within 60 days of receiving their denial letter, Social Security must review their case again.

A Norwalk SSDI appeals lawyer could help you through this process. Our team of SSDI experts could identify the reason for a denial, obtain new evidence that could help your case, and submit official appeal paperwork on your behalf.

When is an Appeal Necessary? 

The unfortunate fact is that many SSDI applications end with a denial. This does not mean that an applicant has done anything wrong. It simply means that the Social Security office does not have all the information it needs to make an informed decision.

A denial may happen for one of two reasons. The most common is that the applicant’s medical information does not meet the legal definition of a person being disabled. A disabled person is an individual who has a diagnosed condition that prevents them from participating in substantially gainful activity. Social Security maintains a list of conditions that automatically meet this standard called the Bluebook Listings. An application that does not claim one of these conditions, and does not prove every element of the Listing, is likely to result in a denial.

A denial may also happen if a person does not have a substantial work history. People seeking SSDI benefits must earn those benefits through years of work and paying taxes. Even if a person submits evidence of an automatically disabling condition, their case will fail if they cannot prove this work history. A Norwalk lawyer could determine the reason of someone’s SSDI denial and help this applicant work through the appeals process.

When Should Someone File an SSDI Appeal?

The only way to keep an SSDI case moving is to make a formal request for an appeal. Once a person receives a denial letter, they have 60 days to submit an official appeal to their local Social Security office or online. This appeal consists of much of the same information as an original application. However, it is also an opportunity to present more medical evidence and proof of past work. Meeting this 60-day deadline helps applicants save significant time, as starting a new case can extend the overall process by many months and result in loss of potential benefit payments. The quicker a person submits an appeal, the sooner the case can reach its resolution.

Working with a Lawyer During a Norwalk SSDI Appeal

As frustrating as it can be, submitting a comprehensive appeal does not guarantee that an applicant will receive benefits. If an applicant’s appeal is denied, they still have legal options to pursue benefits. A judge’s hearing is most people’s best opportunity to receive the payments that they need. During the SSDI appeals process, a lawyer in Norwalk will gather comprehensive evidence and submit it to the court. We also prepare memoranda for the court’s review that outline your case, including creating a medical chronology as a roadmap for the judge to follow. We prepare you for your hearings, including practicing your testimony. Finally, we will appear with you, by telephone, video, or in person, to argue the case before a a Social Security Administrative Law Judge. If the judge issues an unfavorable or partially favorable decision, we will appeal to the Appeals Council, and when possible, to the District Court.

Contact a Norwalk SSDI Appeals Attorney Today

The administrative hearing process is the best chance that most SSDI claimants have of receiving benefits. Petitioners must submit no fewer than two paper appeals and appear before a judge before their case concludes. Hiring a Norwalk SSDI appeals lawyer may give you the best chance of receiving these payments. An attorney will handle your case from day one by gathering documentation, submitting evidence to the Social Security office, and guiding you throughout the entire process. Reach out today, as the time to pursue an appeal may be ending.

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