Helping Disabled Individuals Secure Social Security Benefits for over 40 years

Making a Difficult Process, Easier

Pirro & Church’s Social Security Disability law practice was started over 40 years ago by renowned attorney Charles A. Pirro, III.  

Today, Pirro & Church is spearheaded by attorney Olia M. Yelner, who is committed to making the Social Security Disability process more accessible to every client. Attorney Yelner is a graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law. Attorney Yelner has dedicated zealously representing her clients in Social Security hearings and at the United States District Court. Attorney Yelner has shared her expertise as an adjunct college professor in insurance law, civil procedure, and legal writing. She has also conducted seminars for other attorneys in the area of Social Security disability law. Attorney Yelner is often asked to consult on complicated case.


Pirro & Church has a dedicated staff who are knowledgeable in all areas of Social Security practice. You can rely on Pirro & Church’s Social Security Disability paralegals to talk you through the application process, assist in developing the medical evidence, and answer questions about the status of your claim. 

Dedicated Professionals

At Pirro & Church we do not dabble in Social Security Disability law. For us, Social Security Disability law is not an afterthought, or part of a diverse practice. Disability law is all that we do. 

Comprehensive Services

Pirro & Church’s comprehensive Social Security Disability services include initial applications, request for reconsideration appeals, calculations of Date Last Insured (DLI), record development, hearing preparation, hearing representation, post-hearing Appeals Council appeals, and U.S. District Court appeals.

Amazing Results

Every case is individual and we cannot guarantee any outcome. As always, Pirro & Church does not get paid unless you win. We have no hidden fees or charges. We do not charge you for postage, or phone calls, or any other things that some other attorneys charge. When you win your case, we make sure that you are paid the correct amount that you are due, both in retroactive and future monthly benefits.