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A person may be unable to work for a variety of reasons. They may suffer from a disease that leaves them in constant pain or limits their physical mobility. They may endure emotional traumas that make it too difficult to concentrate on a task. It is also possible that a catastrophic accident has forever limited their ability to earn a living. When this occurs, any person may apply for cash benefits through the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. Still, obtaining payments through an application can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you have received a denial on your application, a Norwalk Supplemental Security Income (SSI) lawyer could help. Our attorneys work quickly to discover the reason for a denial, determine whether an appeal is possible, and take over management of your case to give you the best chance for success.

Proving a Medical Disability in an SSI Application

Every Social Security disability case requires an applicant to prove that they suffer from a diagnosed condition that prevents them from working a full-time job. These may include physical limitations or mental health concerns. Still, demonstrating a disability can be more difficult than one might think.

The Social Security office will examine an application to determine if a person has a diagnosis and symptoms that automatically qualifies them as being disabled. If they do, the Social Security Administration will approve the claim. If not, the claim will result in a denial. A Norwalk attorney could help an SSI applicant prove that their medical conditions keep them from working. An attorney will take every necessary step to gather medical records and submit them to the relevant Social Security offices. 

Satisfying the Assets Requirement

Not every person who suffers from a disabling condition is eligible to receive SSI benefits. Even if it is clear that a medical condition prevents a person from working, they must also satisfy the assets limit of the application.

In simple terms, Supplemental Security Income should be a person’s last resort. Therefore, the law says that individuals seeking SSI payments cannot have more than $2,000 in nonexempt assets. This can be a second vehicle, money in a bank account, or other valuable possessions. If an applicant is married, that limit rises to $3,000. A Norwalk lawyer could review a person’s eligibility for Supplemental Security Income by determining if they fall under the asset limit.

Reach Out to a Norwalk Supplemental Security Income Attorney

The SSI program exists to provide individuals with income when a disabling medical condition leaves them unable to obtain a job. People seeking these benefits must provide substantial information concerning their medical conditions, daily activities, and work history. They must also prove that they have no assets that could help them reach financial stability. When considering each of these factors, it is little wonder that most cases end with a denial.

A Norwalk Supplemental Security Income (SSI) lawyer could help you if you have recently received a denial on a claim. Our team could work quickly to determine the reason for the denial, gather the evidence necessary to submit an appeal, and keep your case moving forward every step of the way. Call now to get started.

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