Norwalk SSI Denial Lawyer

Applying for Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration is a multi-step process, and it can prove challenging to achieve a positive resolution. Even if you meet all of the requirements to qualify for this type of benefit, there are various ways a procedural error or forgotten piece of documentation could jeopardize your pursuit of much-needed financial support.

If your initial claim was rejected, contact a Norwalk SSI denial lawyer immediately after receiving your notice of denial in the mail. With an experienced SSI attorney’s assistance, you could increase your chances of identifying any potential problems with your application, take advantage of reconsideration and appeal proceedings, and proactively seek a fair final verdict on your benefits application.

Common Reasons for SSI Claim Denials

SSI is meant to be reserved for people with serious disabilities that impact their ability to hold steady employment and live normal lives outside of work, but who have not paid into the Disability Insurance (DIB) program. Accordingly, the less documentation an applicant provides detailing their lack of income and resources as well as the extent of their disability, the more likely they are to have their initial claim rejected.

However, there are also various mistakes and omissions during the application process that could sidetrack even the most deserving and qualified applicant’s pursuit of benefits. For example, as a seasoned attorney could affirm, many initial SSI denials in Norwalk stem from a failure to accurately complete and return necessary forms to the SSA, or because an applicant missed their scheduled Consultative Exam (CE).

In other situations, rejections stem from a lack of quantitative proof of age, generally in the form of a birth certificate, birth record, and/or other government-issued documents. Finally, the most complex SSI claim denials often stem from the SSA not believing—even with sufficient medical records and documentation provided—that an applicant’s disability is severe enough to prevent them from returning to work or to meet the specific criteria the SSA uses to define “disability.”

Resolving a Rejected SSI Claim in Norwalk

While it is possible in many situations to simply resubmit a denied SSI claim with additional information, this could mean missing out on payments for benefits that an applicant should have already received based on their initial application. In light of this, it is wise to file a request for reconsideration instead, since this stage in the appeals process allows a claimant to provide additional evidence for their claim without having to refile completely and may allow them to receive backpay.

If a reconsideration request does not produce a satisfactory result, it is possible to continue through subsequent stages in the appellate process—namely, a request for a hearing and review by an Administrative Law Judge, a request for review by the SSA’s Appeals Council, and finally a lawsuit in a federal District Court. An SSI denial lawyer in Norwalk could discuss what course(s) of action might best fit a particular situation during a private initial meeting.

Schedule a Consultation with a Norwalk SSI Denial Attorney

SSI benefits are a vital source of financial support for millions of Americans, tens of thousands of whom reside in Connecticut. Unfortunately, successfully applying for these benefits is far from easy for most applicants, and claim denials are all too common for individuals who apply without guidance from capable legal counsel.

Working with a Norwalk SSI denial lawyer could put you in the best position possible to obtain the benefits you deserve under current federal policy. Get in touch to schedule your consultation.